Coaching – What does a Coach do?

Executive Coaching in Dublin, Ireland

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching Explained Learn how coaching works before deciding to work with an executive coach Working as an executive coach in Dublin for over 18 years, I am fully aware of how people create their own perceptions and maps of how the world is and what it means to them. Their perceptions […]

Build Self Confidence Fast with Executive Coaching

Build Self Confidence with Executive Coaching

How to build Self confidence with Executive Coaching The Most Popular Topic in Coaching   The start of any executive coaching conversation starts with a question. This is followed by more questions. It becomes an exploration. It is about getting to the heart of what somebody desires in their life, their work, their career, business […]

5 Steps to Creating Your Value Proposition

5 Steps to Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

Consumers buy more than your products and services. They buy the rich meanings and value it can bring to their lives or their business. It is the meanings they give to your offering that activate their buying and gets them interested, engaged and motivated to take action. This article will show you the 5 steps to creating a […]

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