Sales Tips – Strategic Selling

Sales Tips Strategic Selling and your value proposition

5 Ideas to Outpace your competition When we think of a value proposition and selling, some people automatically go to the “price” and start thinking of value-for-money. I have heard a lot of sales people say recently “It is all about price.” I always say, “Yes it is, if you cannot prove the value you bring the table.” […]

Improve Presentation Skills – Public Speaking Tips

Improve Presentation Skills - Public Speaking Tips

How to Improve Presentation Skills The Public Speaking Tips Series Some ideas you can use to improve your presentation skills.   So if you were asked at work to give a presentation in the afternoon on your sales or an update on what’s happening in your department. What would you do? Would it set you […]

Presentation skills tips for Powerpoint

presentation skills tips

Presentation skills Tips for PowerPoint The Public Speaking Tips Series   How can I improve my presentation skills in a short space of time? What will it take to be become a better public speaker? This is a question on the minds of many of you who are giving presentation to their clients and peers […]

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