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If you have little time and want fast personal development results, let’s connect and talk about rapid coaching and microlearning sessions.


Develop your People and Professional Skills

with master coach and trainer, Shiera O’Brien


Aspiring leaders, develop a more appealing leadership style. Learn how to be a better communicator with yourself and others. Build your professional self confidence. Get more work life balance.

Sales Professionals discover your unique value proposition. Master your sales calls and raise your selling game. Become a better public speaker and create winning sales presentations.  

Find out how training and coaching can make an impact with the best tools in psychology

This is a training and coaching approach for people looking for fast, real change.

Work on your mindset, confidence, communication and leadership style.

Discover how language influences results and performance in people and organisations.

Find Executive Coaching in Dublin, Ireland
Voted #7 Top Executive Coach, Dublin 2020



Apply the science of NLP and Neuro-Semantics to your training courses, because it works!

Linguistic science (NLP and Neuro-Semantics) is the cornerstone of these training courses and coaching programs.

Design your own value proposition here with the support of a sales enablement expert.

Learn the power of language in business, leadership and sales.


Choose training courses from leadership development, sales training, public speaking, team building to communication skills or a blend of all, to suit your own needs.

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Choose your Consulting, Training and Coaching Option

 Create your own training course and executive coaching programme.

Harness the power of language in your sales organisation, public speaking and communicating with others.

Get executive coaching from a master coach, with 18+ years of international business experience, in sales, leadership and coaching.

Get Rapid Change with Neuro-Linguistics and Semantics across your organisation

This is all blended with the best-in-class coaching from Neuro-Semantics that will empower you to become a better version of yourself professionally and personally. Ideal for senior executives in leadership roles. Also suits professionals looking to advance their career. Become a more agile professional with a comprehensive support programme from a master executive coach.

Select A Course or Coaching

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Looking for something different?

Experience the richness of NLP and Neuro-Semantics in this training and executive coaching.

I aspire to deliver training courses and executive coaching that help bring change and make an impact in your life, change your outlook and mindset, improve your skills in life and business. I give you the tools to influence and impact people in their chosen profession. As a very pragmatic executive coach, I aim to get rapid change and quality results, by offering practical, relatable, easy-to-follow coaching and training courses.

Change Your Language and You Change Your Life! Be surprised by what learning neuro-semantics can do for you.

Learn More by getting in Touch through the On-Line Calendar Booking tool and let’s Chat!

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What Clients Say about working with Shieraread all testimonials

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Helped us to improve our sales process

Shiera is energetic and passionate about Sales Training and Development. I can honestly say her methods and teachings have been more than just “helpful” to Staff Balance. Shiera has helped us to improve our sales process…

Ciaran McG. / CEO, Dublin
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Highly recommended – your world will open up!

Myself and my team had the distinct privilege of being coached by Shiera for 3 workshop sessions. (…) I would quite literally say it was a game changer for us…

Emma Buckley / Director of Nutrition at Gourmet Fuel Ltd. Dublin
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I can’t recommend her highly enough

Go into a room with Shiera and I promise that you will come out inspired, enthused and focused on whatever it is you want to achieve. She is one in a million and I can’t recommend her highly enough for her coaching.

Gai G. / Writer, Ireland
Zenith Training and Development Site Icon

I found her advise and coaching brilliant

I recently attended a half day, one- on-one session with Shiera at Zenith Training offices, before a public speaking event. I found her advise and coaching brilliant, it helped me tremendously…

Mark K. / Sales Professional, Dublin
Zenith Training and Development Site Icon

Her approach was engaging and energizing

Shiera worked with our team at a previous organization I was part of and I am delighted to make this recommendation for the services provided. She supported us…

Ross C. / Senior Sales Professional, Singapore
Zenith Training and Development Site Icon

Her approach is both very personal and very motivational

I would highly recommend working with Shiera. She is extremely skilled at the art of Neuro-Semantics and has a great ability to enable you to overcome any behavioural challenges yourself! Her approach is both very personal…

Joanne M. / HR Director, Dublin

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