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I qualified as an interpreter/translator from DCU in Dublin because of my passion for language. I spent my early career in the software industry in an international sales and business development capacity, before I discovered the power of NLP psychology and Neuro-semantic coaching. I am committed to bringing these tools to those who want to change how they engage with others.

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The Journey to Coaching Mastery

I switched my career and spent the 10 years finding the best tools in self-actualisation psychology and Neuro-semantic coaching. The standard coaching and sales training methodologies were doing something, but not enough to help clients get real measurable change in results and their culture. So I trained internationally with the best in the field of coaching and immersed myself in the field of Neuro-Semantics – a game changing technology for companies who invest time in learning the power it can bring to their whole organisation.

Meta-Coach and NLP Master Practitioner

I am a trained Meta-coach and Master Practitioner of NLP. I have delivered training and coaching across Ireland, Europe and Australia, in Enterprise and SME companies. My approach to my consulting projects is to bring robust models and material from the field of psychology to my training courses and coaching sessions. It is all about bringing real change to clients; change in perspective, change in behaviour and new results for any individual or team that I work with.

In any workshop or coaching session, there is a total focus on

  1. What current results are you getting?
  2. How are you talking about the experience and what meaning are you giving it (language leaves clues)?
  3. What behaviours are going on around it?

I work to bring awareness to what is going on from an observational standpoint, without judgement, using the tools I have learned in this field.

Why language matters when you are driving change in an organisation.

In my years of coaching and training large and small groups, I have observed that there are consistent patterns operating in companies and individuals that hinder growth and progress. I am always looking for those patterns so that we can work with them and create real sustainable change. I am also working to help them pay real attention to the language in the organisation; in the sales enablement strategy and content, the sales delivery and the management of the organisation. Language is powerful in creating accelerated growth and impact in the Customer journey! Every company wants to grow, but forgets that the nuggets are found in recrafting the linguistic messaging across the sales organisation, to start with.

All stuckness has stucture

I work with the structure of what is going on, and show people how to build better structures and dynamics in their teams and in their own thinking. It can take time to change an organisation, but with a real desire to grow, companies and people start seeing results. Changing how they look at their business with the help of an external, impartial point of view gives them a new structure to work with.

Coaching is also about working on the blind spots

If I were to summarise what I bring to any area that needs change or growth, it is the ability to ask penetrating and powerful question that can bring awareness and structural change to people’s thinking patterns, their internal language and what they habitually do in their person interactions, with their team and their customers. This has helped leaders, managers, sales professionals and anybody serious a about their personal development.

Coaching conversations can be transformational. Trust the process!

It’s all about being real, practical and authentic and bringing the best analytic and coaching skills I can to every conversation, from the discovery conversation through to the delivery of projects. The reason? If people are spending money on change, I want to help make that change initiative as successful as possible… with every client I work with.

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