Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Build Confidence Fast and Become the Speaker you want to be

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
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Develop your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with a Coach

Overcome your public speaking nerves for once and for all. Learn the secrets of confident public speaking. Put structure on your message and organise your ideas without being nervous, Learn the most effective presentation techniques out there. Learn from a Toastmaster and public speaking coach on how to become confident in public speaking. Learn the language and psychology of confident public speakers. Build your confidence with solid NLP coaching. In just one session with a coach, you can eliminate the self-conscious feelings for once and for all. 

Sample Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Course Outline

We have divided our Presentation Skills and Public Speaking training into four key elements to help you improve.

Public Speaking Fundamentals

Firstly, you have to understand what’s going on inside when you prepare for a presentation and notice much do nerves interfere? Then, it’s important to understand your own presentation style and learn effective techniques to deal with it.  Then it’s key to key to learn how to create calls to action from your presentation and how to use your presentation to influence their opinion

Plan and Prepare for Successful Presentations

Secondly, you have set outcomes and frames that get results, for example why your audience here? What do we want from your presentations? We will the help you explore your beliefs about yourself and how they drive and influence your ability to present. Getting into the right state is key to great presenting. We will teach you how to get into a great, relaxed presenting state. You will learn how to create a ‘listening state’ in your audience;  a listening state is when they are open and ready for your ideas. It’s the difference between mere curiosity and willingness to learn.

Manage the Public Audience

Thirdly, you have to learn the presentation recipe for results: 55% body language, 38% tonality, 7% content. Meet your audience’s needs and know how to prioritise them

Learn about audience listening/learning patterns, beliefs and strategies. Create a positive experience for your audience, with your story, body language, voice and tone. Learn linguistic skills unique to our training designed by a linguist, with NLP training and coach experience.

Apply what your learn in training

And lastly, you have to apply the principles of presenting excellence – rapport, body language, tonality, the power of the voice and language you use. Become more aware of the mind-body states you experience as you present and how to manage them. Once you are doing that with ease, you can ceate the right frame of mind to present – optimism, resilience – and learn how to handle difficult questions. This course gives you the opportunity to explore how persuasion works with an audience, using language, meaning, and voice.

Why Choose this Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training

As a training company, we bring only practical, tried and tested presentation skill techniques to those looking to overcome their fear of public speaking. These training tools are 20 years in the making from extensive professional public speaking experience, blended with psychology, linguistics and coaching.

These courses are structured, interactive and offer a high levels of coaching to get change while you learn.  You get to work with a public speaking coach and award-winning Toastmaster, Shiera O’Brien. With that, Individuals who want address their public speaking anxiety, can do so, in confidence. Shiera has worked with people from all industries and levels of organisations. You can  the read written articles on the fear of public speaking based on personal experience and working with hundreds of clients. The patterns are always the same. Read this article on Fear of Public Speaking.

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills FAQ’s

Fear of public speaking is driven by the story we tell ourselves about presenting, the more negative it is, the worse the fear. The fear can be rooted in a negative past experience. It can also be your greatest un-practiced skill. Public speaking is a skill and the more you do it, the better you will get. The aspect of the public speaking phobia we work on is how you have stored past negative experiences of speaking in public in your brain and neurology. We help you remove that and bring a calm presenting, confident state to your presentations.

The top three things you can do to improve your public speaking skills are to get a handle on your presenting mind-set. Find a way to tell a compelling story in your presentation, while keeping your message simple. This will help you find your authentic voice and practice sharing your ideas with a friendly audience. If you would like to improve your skill level, talk to us about coaching you and your team. Change can happen fast.

We help you improve your presentation skills using NLP, coaching and reframing patterns, to show you how you are running your idea of yourself as a speaker. Once you become aware of how you are running the story of you the “nervous speaker”, you can retrain your mind to update your story and start practicing a confident presenter state. We then teach you key steps in structuring and delivering your message in a focussed, engaging way. You get to practice your presentations where you offer you honest, helpful feedback to help you prepare any presentation, no matter what the subject matter. We help you work with your all aspects of your delivery, your voice and body language.

This training course is designed from first-hand experience of being nervous public speakers. We knew that there must be a formula to confident public speaking. We looked to NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and coaching to see what we could bring to a public speaking skills training course. Out of that we built a practical, easy to apply skillset to help people change and become more confident public speakers. This course blends psychology, coaching and language to train you to become a better speaker. This course is presented by an experienced public speaker and Toastmaster.

We offer full-day public speaking programmes for groups. We offer half-day private courses for individuals that need intensive public speaking coaching to overcome their nerves and become the confident speaker they want to become. We have trained and coached hundreds of people in public speaking and we have created bespoke courses and offered coaching to suit all of our clients. Get in Touch about your training needs and will work with you.

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