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Learn how to Sell the Result, not the Product


What is Value-Based Selling

This Sales Training is designed for professionals who are seeking an edge in their selling. They’ve tried lots of things and want to raise their selling game.  The sales call is a place where the buyer makes decisions and the seller gets results.

And the best sales courses should always be designed to rapidly improve sales self-awareness, competence and confidence in selling. They should help your salespeople moved to a value-based selling mindset, with better sales techniques.

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Sales Training Course Highlights

This Sales Course is for inside sales professionals and field sales teams, who want to add more selling techniques to their tool box.  You can take basic sales training or the advanced course. This will gives sales teams a unique and a fresh approach.

Course Options

Select a blended course, with online sales courses and expert sales coaching. Use this to Implement ‘your’ new corporate sales strategy with a unified approach in your team.

What you will be able to do after this sales course.

You will be able to conduct sales interactions with customers with more impact, using more influence in your language. This training course will also give you solid sales negotiation tool-set and effective approach to closing sales.

Increase your Sales Close Rate

Wouldn’t you like to reduce the number of lost opportunities and increase your close rate?  The goal is always to improve company training results, using better sales techniques and learning how to coach a buyer. We have seen course attendees transform their sales calls after this training.

Sales Course Outline

Participants will discover how to motivate a buyer to take action, when they’re selling to them, allowing the customer to steer the sale towards a close.

Learn how to sell the Result, not the Product.

Adapt the selling style to help customers buy more quickly. Strengthen your impact & rapport with the customer to get higher close rates. Achieve better sales call results and close more sales.

Present the value proposition in a positive, enticing way to customers. Position and introduce pricing to customers to make them comfortable and ready to buy. Have more sales confidence in communicating and selling your solutions and services.

Why Choose this Sales Training Course

What’s different in this sales course?

We start with a rapid sales training Need analysis, so that we understand your exact requirements and expectations, before we start. This is done in a sales consultation call. Tell us what is going on and we will adapt our sales course to fill the gaps on your selling.

Our training need analysis method assesses your current situation, reviews your overall sales strategy, business strategy, products, target market, existing team skills and creates a complete professional development plan.

Using language psychology and conversation strategies, we cover professional sales training in its entirety. This training course is designed to reskill and align your team with your Corporate Sales Goals.

Blended & Active Learning Methodology: Concepts & Application.

We offer a blended learning approach; combining theoretical sales concepts, with active learning and coaching. Your team will  participate and learn actively than just listening passively. An active method implements professional coaching with group exercises like live account planning activities, questionnaires and feedback. We aim to increases participant’s involvement as they apply new concepts learnt.

What else does it offer?

  • Experiences and perspectives shared with a group of people in their profession.
  • Facilitates learning from experience and independent learning. Ramps up communication skills, they connect with customers faster, sales objections reduce. They close more business.
  • Techniques like sales negotiation strategies and scenarios when practiced live with instructive feedback make improvements almost immediately.
  • Your Sales teams read, write, discuss and engage in real sales case studies during training sessions.
  • They are coached individually and in groups on their learning throughout the course.

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Sales Course FAQ’s

Sales methodologies are key to being able to measure your sales performance. Coaching  all of your team with a structured, systematic approach to selling is key to getting higher levels of performance and progress.

We offer external sales courses to sales managers to bring a fresh approach to selling, beyond product knowledge and company skillsets. We have seen when salespeople learn how to use the language and psychology of buying and selling, it brings added value to their product expertise and increases their sales. Reminding sales professional to keep their skills sharp, even the best of them is what sets companies apart.

We believe the best sales courses should train your sales team, not just in communication skills, but in the language and psychology of selling – listening for how buyer’s buy and make purchasing decisions. Our training is designed to help a sales professional improve their influencing skills by learning value-based selling approach, using consultative coaching skills to dig deeper in the buyer journey.

Once you have trained your staff on your products or services and your experience of selling them, the next step is to train them on the typical decision-making cycle for clients; teach them how to navigate opportunities using critical thinking skills, deep-listening skills, quality questioning skills and sales closing techniques.

Training is a process and any sales team will always benefit from on-going sales coaching. It’s important to revisit the company sales methodologies and collectively trying different sales techniques learned in a training. The onus on the sales manager is to know the sales techniques better than all the staff.

We have been on and delivered many sales courses. A good sales trainer must understand the components of quality sales conversations, with an ability to teach it from a psychological standpoint.

A trainer who can install sales confidence during a training will bring a lot of value to the sales team. If they can rapidly teach the selling mindset, coach the sales team during the training and teach them how to coach their buyers, they leave good skills in the hands of their trainees.

We believe the best sales courses should look at the structure in both the buying and selling, and when we speak structure, we mean the conversational structure. All sales are made or lost though what you say or don’t say. We spent years looking at the best sales approach and we have learned sales professional who have a great command of their sales conversations do better.

We offer a range of sales training options, from full-day sales courses, to blended training and sales coaching options for groups and individuals. We bring strong foundation skills to a salesperson in our half-day individual programmes and offer on-going coaching to bring them rapidly up to performing standard. Some people learn faster than others. We have seen people take off after one day of training once they understand our sales methodology.

Our sales courses are charged based on a training needs analysis and the number of people you are looking to training. We train groups and individuals. We cap training at 12 attendees to maximise the learning. Courses are delivered across Dublin, Waterford, Cork, Galway. Please contact us and request a quote. We also offer individual training courses in Dublin. Talk to a Sales Trainer first by booking a call with Shiera, to discuss your budget.